Following my Passion

Ziphozihle Khumalo wants to be a radio DJ more than anything in the world. It had been a passion of hers for as long as she can remember. Her real life career couldn’t be further away from the heady world of radio. As a bookkeeper in an accountancy firm the only numbers she gets to play are those on her computer spread sheet! However, Zipho has a lot of faith, a mountain of ambition and she knows what it takes to climb the career ladder. She accepts a job – with no pay – at Kat Masuka’s radio station. It’s a long and bumpy road for Zipho who has to juggle two jobs, alongside a blossoming love life. Everyone is happy about Zipho’s growing role at the station. Jealousy and sabotage soon come into play when colleagues scheme behind her back to bring her down. As pressure mounts on her new career, will she triumph and make a name for herself in the radio industry?